As of mid March 2024, we are releasing some updates that improve the performance metrics that you see at the top of the ‘portfolio’ page in your app. This article explains these changes.

March 9, 2024 - What has changed?

One major change we have implemented on March 9, 2024, is how the 'All time' metric at the top of your portfolio screen is calculated. This figure previously displayed the gross result on your entire account. Based on user feedback, we noticed that this figure was often interpreted as the net result instead. For this reason and to be more transparent, we have changed this metric to reflect the net result on your entire account. This figure therefore may go down a bit depending on the fees you have paid.

These changes do not impact your overall account value, and BUX is not making any additional charges. The change only adjusts your 'All time' performance metric, now giving an accurate representation of your net profit or loss on your entire account.

Old formula: Account Value - (deposits - withdrawals) + fees

New formula: Account Value - (deposits - withdrawals) - (cost basis portfolio transfer in - cost basis portfolio transfer out)

The ‘all time’ metric on iOS. (Android looks slightly different)

The 'Today' metric is calculated as follows:

Account Value Yesterday - Account Value Now - (deposits - withdrawals - chargebacks)