We're sorry to see you're thinking of leaving us, but thank you for using the app.

To close your BUX account please make the request via the BUX App. You will find the 'Close Account' option in the menu. Once we receive this request we will block your account and you will receive confirmation once completed.

Before requesting your account closure, please ensure that you have sold any assets and withdrawn your funds.

If you can not access your BUX account, then please send the closure request to support@bux.com, using the email address you used to register with BUX.

Once you have used the ‘Close Account’ button in the app, it will disappear from the menu if you are using the Android version. In case you don’t receive a confirmation email of the account closure within 2 weeks, please reach out to us via support@bux.com.

Once your BUX account is closed your data will be handled in accordance with GDPR. Personal data from regulated financial institutions will be kept for 5 - 7 years as required by the “MiFID2'' directive. After that point it will be fully deleted.