By opening an account with BUX, as a Belgian resident, it’s considered as opening a foreign bank account because our headquarters are in The Netherlands. Your assets (money and shares) will be held at ABN AMRO Clearing bank on a what-we-call ‘depot number’. Therefore, you must declare this account to the National Bank of Belgium.

You must declare this foreign account at the latest when you submit your annual tax return.

Which account number do you have to declare? 

The account number stated in the application is a global account number for all users. After depositing money there, we route your money to a unique bank account dedicated to you, called a ‘depot number’. Your depot number can be found in the tax statement we send you at the end of each month. 

How to declare this account?

→  Please follow the instructions :

    1. Take your E-card reader and Belgium identity card

    2. Insert your identity card into the E-card reader

    Optional: install and open the ei viewer app of the Belgium government. This ensures that the E-card reader works.

    3. Open this link:

    4. Click on your name in the pop-up window to select the certificate.

    5. Enter your PIN

    6. Click on “Belastingplichtige: klik hier”) to declare an account for yourself.

    7. Click on the blue arrow: “Volgende”

    8. Click on the button “een rekening toevoegen”

    9. Enter the details of your account: 

                3a = BUX IBAN (Depotnumber)

                a. 3b = BUX B.V.

                b. 3d = Nederland

                c. 3e = {year account was opened}

                d. 3f = {date when you closed the account, if it has been closed}

                e. 3g = Not applicable

                f. 3c = Not applicable

                g. 3c = Address

                        i. Plantage Middenlaan 62

                        ii. 1018 DH Amsterdam

                        iii. Noord-Holland

                        iv. Nederland/The Netherlands

For more information please check here: