What is TST?

Residents of Belgium are required to pay a tax every time they buy or sell a financial security, whether it’s a Belgian asset or a foreign asset. It’s called the Belgian Stock Exchange Tax or ‘taks op de beursverrichtingen’ or ‘taxe sur les opérations de bourse’ (TOB). 

How is it calculated?

This tax is calculated as a percentage of the total price of the executed orders.

  • The tax rate is 0.12% for ETFs (Maximum €1300).
  • The tax rate is 0.35% for Shares (Maximum €1600).
  • The tax rate for regulated Real Estate Shares is 0.12% (Maximum €1300).
  • The tax rate when one of the compartments of the ETF is registered in Belgium is 1.32% (Maximum €4000)

How does BUX handle this?

From December 2022, BUX will automatically withhold the specific percentages of buy and sell orders (mentioned above) and will then file and pay your monthly tax amounts for you. Once done, You will receive confirmation per e-mail. Please note that:

  • This will also apply to any existing Investment Plans. You will find the updated amount in the Investment Plan overview, as well as in your usual deposit reminder before the execution. If you have a recurring bank deposit, please remember to update it.
  • The maximum amount of tax you can be charged per transaction is €1300 for ETFs and €1600 for shares.