You can place a ‘Zero Order’ during market opening times. The order will then be created and will be executed after the ‘Cut Off Time’ for the respective market. For example, in Amsterdam this will be from 16:00 local time during every normal trading day. Other markets will vary. The relevant and most up to date Cut Off Time will be shown in our mobile application. The ‘execution window’ will start 90 minutes before the market closes and will last for 60 minutes. If you place your Zero order after the ‘execution window’ has begun, then the order will be executed during the execution window the following trading day only and will be queued for execution on that day.

Once the Zero Order is created you will receive a confirmation, and an amount will be reserved from your account until the order is executed. The price at which your Zero order is executed will depend on the price of security at that time, so there is a chance you pay slightly less or slightly more than the price you will have seen when placing the order. 

Can I cancel my Zero order?

If you wish to cancel your Zero order, you can do this provided it is during market opening hours and before the start of the execution window. 

What happens if the Zero order doesn’t execute?

If for some reason the order does not execute during the execution window, you will be notified at the end of the execution window.  This order will then be cancelled and not rescheduled.

*We will always reserve a small buffer on top of the amount needed to buy the shares at the time of placing the Zero order. This ensures the order can be placed if the price rises slightly.