The BUX Token (BUX) is a utility token that exists on the blockchain.

Currently, the main utility of the BUX Token is that it gives BUX users the option to trade cryptos with 0% commissions (100% discount) when users hold 1,000 BUX Tokens or more in their portfolio.  In the future we plan to add additonal utility.

  • It is BUX native token
  • Customers can buy and sell BUX Token just like any other cryptocurrency
  • Holding BUX Token unlocks unlimited commission-free trading of any cryptocurrency on BUX

Previously, The BUX Token (BUX) was known as the Blockport Token (BPT), which was rebranded when the BUX company acquired Blockport in 2020. The Blockport Token (BPT) was created in January 2018 and was the utility token of the then called Blockport platform. Once the token was rebranded to BUX, it kept the utility of commission free trading and it is planned to add more utilities in the future.